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You’re so Punny!

Theme parties make the world go round. Much of our life is spent being overly serious and focused on the next to do. A well placed theme party can break the cycle and remind you just how silly life can be. While I love the “costume” theme party, I am more versed in the food themed party. Some of my favorites include “Things that make you say…MMMM” which is a bring your own comfort food party or the Bubble Party where you have to bring something with bubbles. One guest showed up wrapped in bubble wrap and carrying a six-pack of beer…he won the prize.

A couple of weeks ago my coworkers and I hit a rather large goal. To celebrate, my husband and I threw a “Hot Dog, We Did It!” party. Naturally we couldn’t just do hot dogs so we bedazzled it a bit.

Menu Included:

Mango, rhubarb, fresno chile salsa

Nappa cabbage slaw with sliced almonds

Homemade sausage (my husband is a stud…seriously butchered the pigs and made the sausage…delicious)

A delectable additions platter including: pickled okra, pickled hot yellow peppers, roasted bell peppers, pickled brocoli salad, quick asian pickles, and sauerkraut

Condiments included: hot honey mustard, grain mustard, basil/chile mayo, bbq ketchup, red bell pepper and mustard compote, and a spicy rhubarb jam

Desserts: Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies and a Triple Chewy Ginger Cookies

It was a huge success and people loved the build-your-own concept. Most ingredients were made a day in advance which allowed us to enjoy the party. All in all the “Hot Dog We Did it!” party has made it on the theme party keepers list. So now that you heard a few of my favorite theme parties….what are yours??

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