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Awful Dinner Guests

My husband and I LOVE to go out to dinner. We will spend hours on yelp trying to find a great restaurant. Most of our conversations with friends involve the new places that we should try. It doesn’t matter if it is an upscale fine dinning experience or a hole in the wall establishment, we love all of the above. There is only one problem…we are awful dinner guests. We over analyze, we criticise and we have high expectations. Not the ideal makings of the couple you want to share a meal with.

Luckily there are more like us. Last week, we joined some of the other chefs in the company to have dinner at what promised to be an epic meal. A celebrity chef had come to Tucson and was pairing her food with a Master Sommelier’s wine. We were all excited and spent most of the week talking about what lay ahead. Unfortunately, we were unimpressed with the meal. The plates were sloppy, the dishes uninventive, and some of the spices overpowering. Each course we sat around and picked it a part. For anyone who was around us they would have thought we were having a horrible time. The reality was… we had a great time!

Just because we were critiquing didn’t mean we were not enjoying what was occurring. There were many things that made us smile like the fantastic service from the general manager, the Zweigelt wine with the third course, the amazing triple cream goat cheese Gougere to start the meal and the potato wrapped fluke towards the end. In addition was the fact that all of us were off at the same time enjoying a meal together. It really was a great night even if anyone who would have been at our table would have thought otherwise.

I left that night chuckling to myself about what had occurred and wondering if others in the industry were this crazy. Now out of six of us four of us were crazy, so I guess that is promising! I also wondered about how often we take criticism in our personal lives as purely negative. We have all done it,  assume that one negative remark about an aspect of who we are is a reflection of us a complete person.  So I invite you to join me in being more conscious of how we perceive criticism and to remind ourselves that in life just like in food, you don’t have to like the dish to love the meal.

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