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Off the Bucket List

Most people have bucket lists that contain traveling to far away places or daring brave feats. My list includes mostly dishes I would love to make in my lifetime. I dream of making Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon and roasting the perfect rack of lamb. Trying to make a crossiant from scratch or ravioli with a decadent filling. I want to learn to make jam, gravlax, pita bread, and matzoh ball soup. I hope my husband will teach me make burrata and my father-in-law to teach me to make vinegar. Beyond these one time creations I want to have the best pie crust recipe and make chocolate chip cookies that all the neighborhood kids dream about. I want my fried chicken to be the stuff of legends and to cook any vegetable to perfection. I also want to traveland experiment with unique food cultures, these are the things I want to cross off my bucket list.

This weekend, I crossed something off…I made sticky buns… from scratch! (seriously I am proud of myself) I have always dreamed about making these and was very excited when bon appetit released a recipe for pecan sticky buns. Upon seeing that glorious magazine cover, I accepted the challenge for the weekend. Let me tell you, they were splendid. Gooey, delicious, sweet, salty, crunchy and everything they should be. If you have ever dreamed of making these and crossing them off your bucket list, do it! They really aren’t as hard as you think they are. While they are time-consuming they are completely worth it. They basic recipe is easy but there are many steps. I thougth it would be easier to include the link to the recipe as opposed to retyping it. But honestly, if you are looking for the perfect Sunday brunch recipe, look no further…

Enjoy crossing it off your list!

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