Food, Life and Love

Crying Uncle

“Hey Honey, want me to bring you home a pizza?” “I brought home an extra bottle of wine, thought you might like it.” “You should come in tonight the special is amazing.” “We are about to change out the dessert menu want to come by and try the new items?” “Look! We are making a new muffin it is rosemary chocolate chip.” “The rep from Elk Cove is in tonight, want to come meet us for drinks?”

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, the life of a restaurant wife is awesome, but sometimes I need to cry uncle. There is only so much food and alcohol I can consume before my body protests and produces a week of heart burn to get even.  After the past few weeks of amazing food opportunities, today I tapped out. Luckily after 7 years I now have a pretty good system of recovery…yoga, kombucha, puer tea, probiotics, and lots of vegetables.

Puer tea is amazing! It is a fermented tea, either black or green that is typically pressed into a cake. The tea has caffeine so if you are an avid espresso drinker you can swap it out with puer without that nasty little headache in the afternoon. The tea has an earthy quality that I just love and is great for digestion. Monks typically drank it to assist their bodies in healthy living. When life gets to indulgent, switching my morning cup of  joe for a morning cup of puer starts the process off right. It is lovely next to a morning apple.

Next, comes Kombucha. Served cold, it is the perfect beverage to accompany your veggies for lunch. I prefer Wonder brand. It is milder than brands like Synergy, which can be too acidic for me. Wonder brand is a good way for individuals to get introduced into the world that is kombucha. This is a cultured tea and can be effervescent depending on the brand. It adds all those lovely probiotics that an overly taxed digestive track needs.

Last step, YOGA! Oh my heart loves yoga! Every time I go to a class, I leave asking myself why I don’t go more often. After a day of cleansing with vegetables and probiotics the best way to seal the deal is by an hour and a half of yoga. You can squeeze out all those toxins and stretch out that overworked stomach. Plus the meditation at the end can put your mind in a much happier place. It is wonderful

I find myself now feeling back on track and no longer worrying about an emanate esophageal protest. Just in time by the way, the new bon appetit came out and there is an enticing caramel pecan sticky bun recipe in it!

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