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A Night Off for a Workaholic

“Today I am taking the night off. I am going to paint my nails and binge watch Netflix. There will be wine and lots of carbs. Make up is coming off and the oldest dingiest t-shirt I own is going on. Yep, today I am taking the night off.”

Working a full time job, opening a restaurant and maintaining adult behavior such as laundry and paying bills, has led to many late nights. The lack of quality time with my pillow has resulted in many incoherent thoughts. “You know, you just need to give me that thingy. That piece of paper. For the…what are we talking about?” I could feel my body struggling with the stress. In an effort to avoid a full breakdown, I decided a night of rest would be good.

The problem with being unable to set boundaries (and loving a good to-do list) is that when you decide to finally relax you have to get out of your own way. Otherwise, left to my own devices I will find a way to work. First step was to make sure I left work on time. Naturally this meant arriving early, working through lunch, and asking a coworker to kick me out at quittin’ time. Luckily for me, she took her role quite seriously and ensured I left promptly at five thirty.

Of course there are the obligatory items one must do each day, walk the dog, feed the animals, get the mail, etc. The trick was not letting the daily tasks morph into more, like when tidying up becomes scrubbing the baseboards. I had to remind myself that it was ok if I didn’t break out the vacuum for one more night. Naturally, this wasn’t a very difficult concept to talk myself out of. Obligatory items, check!


Next, I needed to make sure I didn’t work on restaurant stuff. A difficult task when you live above the restaurant. I immediately took off my makeup and changed into rag-a-muffin attire. Surely I wouldn’t go into the restaurant looking like a hot mess, I was safe and ready to relax.

My plan was going great until I opened the bottle of wine. Two (ok maybe three) glasses in, I started wondering how things downstairs at the restaurant were going. I can totally still check the virtual POS system and relax. “Wow, we are busier than I thought we would be. Interesting wonder how’s it going.  Maybe guests are posting things to social media. That reminds me I should read that SEO article and rework the home page and also the event page….”


Three hours later I was walking my dog in the tiny patch of grass outside our apartment building adjacent the dining room creepily staring in the back window trying to count the number of guests to analyze the potential revenue left in the night to see if we will have a record breaking day. And no, I didn’t change out of my rag-a-muffin outfit, after all I was taking the night off.

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