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A Desert Rat in Rain

I know I normally write about food or life as chef’s wife but I couldn’t let this one go by without sharing it. I am in Copenhagen for the next two months doing an internship at the Nordic Food Lab (will share more about this amazing place later).  Right now, I want to talk about the joys of living somewhere new.

i phone pics 073

I have rode my bike in the rain several times in Italy but let me tell you…nothing compares to riding in the rain in Denmark. I left my house and turned on the bike path. First the bike paths are double the size of a sidewalk. Same rules apply as on the rode, if you are slow stick to the right and pass on the left. The whole city is covered in bike paths and mass amounts of people on a bike path is normal to see. There is such a thing as rush hour.

So I left my house during rush hour and turned onto the bike path. I was greeted by a few bikes and we snaked our way to the main street where we found, of course, more bikes. What astounded me most this morning was that everyone I was riding with was dressed in these amazing rain outfits. There was the hooded poncho: patterned, usually dark colors that seemed to be preferred by ladies. You could see their heels and stockings peaking out from the edge of the plastic. There was the full suit: looks reminiscent of a snow suit, once again hooded and dark colors, but no patterns and seemed to be the fashion for the men. There are other varieties, the most diversity was found among the women, such as the beautiful red rain coat that I saw that flowed out from the waist with matching pants underneath…she also had adorable galoshes. She could have been on the cover of any fashion magazine. It was as if the rain wasn’t even falling on her she was impeccably dressed. Then there are the few that ride holding an umbrella…that was the real impressive sight. Almost effortlessly they ride with the umbrella, somehow not poking anyone in the eye. Like I said impressive.

Then there was me….not prepared, no poncho, no suit, no, galoshes, no hood (just a cloth beanie sucking in the water causing a drip of water to run down my nose), definitely no water resistant pants (thighs were a bit chilly all morning) and a slightly water resistant coat (that I forgot to remove the fur from the collar so by the time I got to the lab it looked like I had a sad wet cat around my neck). I was not that fashionable nor dry.

Luckily I arrived at the warm cozy lab with a cup of steamy coffee waiting for this desert rat. Maybe I will find a poncho after work…

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