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A Video-ecipe on How to Make Kimchi

If you want to make my mom happy take her to an antique store. She loves rifling through treasures to find some item that has been abandoned long ago. In one of our adventures we stumbled across an old recipe that was allegedly from Martha Washington. It was wrinkled, browned with age and adorned with fluid cursive writing. Using terms like “a pinch of” this or “a dash of” that, it was a form of recording dishes that I had never seen before. Since that moment I have loved watching how people transcribe what graces their table.

This odd interest has led to me to collect recipes from classmates in the hopes of putting together a cookbook at the end of this experience. Keeping the identity of each cook, the recipe format is unaltered. There are hand written ones, free spirited expressions, and very detailed descriptions. Recently my classmate, Kwang gave me a recipe for Kimchi, a fermented cabbage very typical to Korea. He also led a class tutorial. I kept his recipe in the flow chart format he provided to me and decided to add my own embellishments.

Below is a video-ecipe on how to make Kimchi.

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