Food, Life and Love

The Beauty in 24 Classmates

There are 24 of us. 7 guys. 17 girls. 13 nationalities. All ages. Together one year.

We are entering our ninth month together. Spending this much time with such a small group of people you understand them even despite the language barriers. You know what laugh is the nervous one, whether they say “Um” or “like” when they present, you know what ticks they have that signal stay away, and you know what ticks to look for that signal someone is homesick. We have woven ourselves together into a family-like unit…sometimes dysfunctional but supportive in the end.

Throughout the year, we are allowed glimpses into peoples lives outside of this food bubble. Typically they are expressed through food. Last weekend was one of these moments. Boram and Kwang from South Korea decided to share with us their cuisine. Boram is a former food stylist and Kwang is a very talented chef. Together they created 13 courses that the 24 of us will not soon forget.

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