Food, Life and Love

Lights, Camera, Action

Before March a multidisciplinary learning approach meant nothing to me. My undergrad was rich in knowledge but not even close to holding the diversity that this program does. For example, last week our class participated in Wine Technologies and Beer Tasting. This week we learn about Sustainable Agriculture and Food Documentaries. What this translates into is the ability to learn a little about a lot and the tendency to what to learn more about everything.

Last month we took a brief course in film editing since one of our projects was to make a short film on our study trip. Film editing (and filming)is something that I know very little about and something that just seems fun. Fast forward to me now taking videos of whatever I can in hopes to continue this hobby. The first video I ever made was about our Cinco de Mayo celebration, it may be a bit rough but I love it! It’s like the first time you make bread, the crust is never perfect but bread has never tasted so good!

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