Food, Life and Love

Week One: Lessons Learned

I have been in Italy for one week. I feel a bit like Dorthy, “We aren’t in Kansas any more”. Time has seemed to speed up yet lengthen at the same time. So much has happened in 7 days and here are a few things that I have learned:

1. When stuck in the Madrid airport, cava is a wise choice.


2. Even if you are excited about your new apartment, Italy is an old city and keys do break.

3. 2 hours to 5 days in an acceptable response when talking to the Italian electric company about when your power will be turned on

4. Pondering why Amaro isn’t more popular in the states can keep you busy for hours

5. Apertivo = Awesome (more on this later)

6. Salsiccia da bra…yep it’s raw sausage


7. Don’t use a third story clothes line when intoxicated

8. Milk and coffee are not meant to be mixed after dinner unless you want a side of judgement

9. Views of the alps are awesome but big hills suck


10. Big hills suck more with 7 new school books

11. While cappuccino and wine are both wonderful…they are not wonderful together

12. If you don’t know what to say, shrug your shoulders, throw your hands up and say “va bene”

13. Snow + cold showers = the reason sponge baths were created

14. Olive Oil + Fresh Bread + Cured Meat = Blissfully indulgent

15. I may have graduated from college several years ago but I don’t remember cafeteria food being this fantastic


16. When shit hits the fan, stop, take a moment to look around, and grab a glass of wine

2 Responses to “Week One: Lessons Learned”

  1. Elana

    ali! you’re such a good writer. i’m laughing out loud right now! e’ tutto vero!!! brava

  2. Ric

    On the good side “food is Life” on the otherside a week can be 500 hours. Time to enjoy life


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