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Finding your room…part two

What is it about the food industry that has captivated so many of us? My fondest memories growing up involve food. Checking out cookbooks from the school library, cooking with mom and dad, making sweet treats for my friends, and moments around the family dinner table. Ever since I was little, I dreamed of a life in food, which lead me to a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. I saw myself in a kitchen, mostly, because that was the only option I could think of. As I pursued this dream, I realized that a life behind the line was not my room, but where did that leave me? What were my options in food?

Over the past eight years my husband and I have met so many unique people in the food industry. We’ve met food purveyors, food marketers, cheesemongers, wine makers, food scientists, food historians, and many others. With every person we met the feeling that I needed to find my place in the industry grew. It has taken me eight years but I think I’m about to find my room.

Europe Trip 2012 259

In March, I enroll at the University of Gastronomic Sciences to get my masters in Food Culture and Communication: Food, Place and Identity. For one year I will be living in Northern Italy and searching for my room. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who may not be physically with me for the year but I know he will be cheering me on every step of the way. So wish me luck I’ve got a dream to live.

2 Responses to “Finding your room…part two”

  1. Lynn Burke

    Wow! Ali! That is wonderful! I always thought you would do something really special. Actually I expected you to be the next Martha Stewart! Lots of luck!


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