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Thank you Istanbul

When we moved into our house five years ago we inherited an amazingly fruitful pomegranate tree. During season the limbs sag with the weight of the fruit. Until this tree, I never knew I liked pomegranates and up until our trip to Istanbul a few weeks ago I had no idea what to do with them.

Pomegranate juice might be the most delicious juice on the face of this earth. (Ok so that is slightly dramatic but none-the-less the point is made) Unfortunately, getting to the juice is very difficult. For years we would remove the seeds from dozens of pomegranates one by one, then place the seeds in a juicer being careful they would pop out, then savor the little bit of juice we got. It was so tedious that we ended up letting the pomegranates go to the birds or dry them for decorative use. But never again will one be wasted!

Europe Trip 2012 175

Thanks to the street vendors in Istanbul we have discovered the easiest way to get a large glass of juice and honestly, we feel a little silly for not thinking of it earlier. All you need is an old school juice press and knife. No picking individual seeds, no worrying about stray seeds, no cleaning a big juicer, it is as ridiculously easy as using a large juice press. Now some of you may be laughing at this common sense realization and have been juicing your pomegranates for years this way, but for those of you who this is brand new information for, you can thank Istanbul.

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