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And the Secret Ingredient Is…

I love watching competitive cooking shows, they are like watching a fast paced movie where the plot keeps twisting and turning. You may know the ingredients and the amount of time the participants have but the possibilities are still endless to a creative chef. It is fun to listen to the commentator as they identify clues on what the dish may become. “Chef is pulling out an ice cream maker.” Or “Looks like beer will be added to this dish.”  As the observer you now know you will see ice cream in the final product but wait…I thought this is going to be a savory dish what kind of ice cream will it be? If there is beer, is it going to be a batter? I haven’t seen a deep fryer yet, oh wait, commentator just said a deep fryer has entered the picture, yep definitely beer batter and frying.

As you see the final product you are really looking at the process it took to get there. The Chef knew the journey beforehand while we the observer were left to wonder. Sometimes we have figured out the end product long before the end of the show and other times we are still figuring out how they got there as they are presenting the dish to the judges. How often life is like this, we have an ingredient, we have an internal time goal, but who knows what the dish will be.

My love leaves in 20 days to take a stage at Noma, the number one restaurant in the world according to San Pelligrino. It is an opportunity of a lifetime. He will live in Copenhangen for three months and soak up every bit of knowledge he can. He has been given an amazing ingredient and a definite time frame but I can’t help but ponder the dish this will create. How will he showcase this ingredient? How will he pair it? What tools will he use to improve it? I will be the commentator, watching from the sidelines and trying to interpret his moves for our friends and families. Secretly though, when the cameras are off, I will be utilizing the same amazing ingredient in my own way and crafting my own dish. Stay tuned for the end of the show….I am sure there will be twists in this one.

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