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How did we not think of this earlier???

The mash-up was created for two purposes to extend the time in between grocery store trips and to use up leftovers before they go bad. The number one leftover that I just cannot eat day after day after day are rice dishes. Pasta…game one. Couscous…challenge accepted. Quinoa…yes please. Rice….do I have to?

Don’t get me wrong, I love rice but for some reason I just can’t eat it reheated. Inevitably I always have left over rice and it always goes bad before I eat it and I hate throwing away food! It is a vicious cycle. Fortunately or unfortunately, my sister-in-law shares the same affliction. When she called me this week, she had two leftovers she needed to utilize and I had one.

Problem Ingredients:

Curry Vindaloo Rice Dish, Roasted Squash, and brioche

Solution Menu:

Warm Summer Squash Salad with roasted nuts

Cherry, Thyme and Bourbon bread pudding

AND….drumroll please…..Vindaloo Curry Rice FRITTERS!

I reiterate my previous statement, HOW DID WE NOT THINK OF THIS EARLIER???  Rice fritters are the perfect solution to the ever plaguing question of, “how the heck do I get rid of this rice?” We have decided it will work with any rice dish and we are currently trying to see how freezing them and reheating them will work. This may sound extremely lame, but I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am that I will no longer be throwing out leftover rice, weight lifted!

Rice fritters:Take whatever rice dish you have as a base. Feel free to re-season the dish. When you fry them it will mellow out the flavors a bit so you can have a fair amount of herbs and spices in your base rice. Add cheese. This will not only help to bind the fritters but it adds a ooey gooey quality that will make you smile. You will also need to add an egg, once again this helps with binding.

Once you have your “batter” ready. Heat oil (I like grapeseed or canola when frying but it is up to you) in a large skillet. You will not be submerging the fritter you will be just partially frying them so add oil accordingly. Make your fritters into patties, diameter is up to you but try to keep them at about 1/2 inch thick. Dust them on both sides in flour, this will add a nice crunch to the outside of your fritter. Gently place them in the hot oil and brown on both sides. 2-3 minutes on each side should suffice. They cook pretty quickly. Remove from heat and serve immediately. Highly recommend a dipping sauce of some sort. We made a curry and tarragon aioli with the  rice fritters.

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