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Just Realized Fudge Glaze was an Option for Icing

Eating cake is an instantaneous way to conjure the feeling of celebration. If there is not an actual celebration that is occurring you can always invent one…celebrate the weekend almost being present, the fact you got all of the laundry done, you got a new dish that would showcase a cake perfectly, or you are just celebrating your love of cake. Regardless of the reason, grab a fork and dig in, you will find your happy place.

This past week at work, a group of volunteers had reached the end of their volunteer commitment and I could think of no better way to say thank you then with chocolate cake. Food 52 led me to a perfect cake recipe (just another reason why I love that website). Armed with a recipe and a motive, I found myself having a lovely Monday evening and my volunteers having a celebratory Tuesday. 

Not Red Velvet Cake with Fudge Glaze (click on hyperlink for recipe)

This is a wonderful recipe! In the testing notes they had described the cake as a “wonderful, fluffy texture you get from boxed cake mixes, but with a made-from-scratch flavor they never manage to achieve.” Seriously…what better description can you give of a cake?? This is a really unique recipe where you combine vinegar and baking soda til fizzy then fold it into the batter. That is where the fluffy texture comes from and leads to this cake being light yet full of flavor. The fudge glaze was extremely simple but rich and decadent. It added weight to the airy cake without overpowering it. My only point of dismay was that I have never used fudge glaze on a cake before this week.

 The cake for me was a bit dry (mostly due to not wrapping the cake well overnight… oh desert air you got me again) so next time I will serve with a creme anglaise or make an orange glaze prior to topping with fudge glaze. I also topped with raspberries but you could do any fruit and/or whipped cream. All in all, this was a great cake and beyond easy to make. This recipe will become a favorite!!

2 Responses to “Just Realized Fudge Glaze was an Option for Icing”

  1. trialsinfood

    I always make excuses to bake cakes. 😉 This looks great. Is the fudge glaze like ganache?


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