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Honey, Can You Bring Me…

“Honey, can you bring me a new tie? I have a stain on mine.” “Honey, can you bring me my laptop charger? I forgot it.”

“Honey, can you bring me the meat grinder and the molecular gastronomy kits?”….Wait, what??? I was not expecting that request at 5:15 today. In retrospect, that “Honey, can you” is more reasonable to leave my husbands lips then either of the first two, but still I was not prepared. I was however bribed with a free meal which made me immediately ready to leave work to pick up the meat grinder and molecular gastronomy kit. (It is amazing how well he knows me)

Recently my love has found a pig farmer in Arizona that carries 15 breeds of heritage pigs which has led him into a whole new food adventure. We have had meat grinders, charcuterie cookbooks, and various curing salts being delivered to our house over the past few weeks. There has been head cheese, pork chops, pork “ribeyes”, sausage, bacon and prosciutto. We have been talking about pigs, reading about pigs, and eating pigs. There is more pig in our lives than ever before, it’s great, and it is elevating the specials at the restaurant.

Every month Zona hosts a wine dinner with four to five courses. Each meal has a theme, this month it will be molecular gastronomy (hence the molecular gastronomy kit). So after my lovely meal with fresh sausage and house made burrata, compliments of my lovely taxi service, I wandered into the kitchen to see what sort of wacky creations they were coming up with. But we will leave those discoveries for another day…

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