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The Kitchen Takeover

I came home today from a rather long day at work to find my kitchen had been taken over. My husband is doing a pop up restaurant tomorrow night and is prepping at home. A pop up restaurant is one of the latest fades in the industry. You open up a concept for one night. Some pop-up’s are in the place of an existing restaurant, typically when a celebrity chef comes in town. Other pop-up’s are in the most random places like a flower shop or warehouse. They are meant to be the ultimate foodie experience, where anything goes and limits are pushed.

There have been many times I have come home to find my love experimenting on something. There was the day he decided the restaurants should be making their own ricotta. He bought cow’s milk, goat’s milk, and sheep’s milk to find out was the best. Several hours later, I had enough ricotta for a small army. When we decided to switch out the cocktail menu he bought so many mixers and different types of liquor we looked like the worse boozers in Tucson. Three years later and we have finally finished all the liquor from that night. There has been pasta, bread and gluten-free pizza dough adventures as well. This particular take over, may just “take” the cake.

Currently, we have burrata being made, pork being sous vide, squid ink pasta being rolled, fava beans being shucked and blood oranges being squeezed for cello. Tomorrow there will be a five course meal with wine pairing avaialbe for those looking to have a food voyage like no other. This meal may just be one for the story books, keep an eye on the blog for pictures!!

Alas, you must excuse me I need to shuck fava beans…

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